Peter McKerrow | Sounds Designer and Composer

Peter McKerrow is a Sound Artist, Designer, Composer, Associate Lecturer at The University Of The Arts and Rose Bruford College For The Performing Arts. He is also Musical Director of the 11-piece band Soul Rites.

He took his BA and MA in Sound Arts and Design at The University Of The Arts, London, and his practice is multi-threaded – encompassing field recorded soundscapes such as his pieces Tresco Sound and Tempered Steel, to works founded in aeolian practice and aleatoric process.

Peter’s recent work ALÉA – A Sonic Raftwas shown as a part of the Breaking The Mirror Of Silence Exhibition at the Angus-Hughes Gallery in London.

He writes for a variety of instruments, arranges the music for his band, and has composed music and sound design for radio, TV and theatre as well as several short films.

Peter looks to create sonic environments which explore issues of aural awareness, the sense of belonging to a particular place, and our willingness to listen in a wider context.

In addition, Peter recorded and produced the recent Experimental Poetics series for Resonance 104.4 FM, and his research into electronic music pioneers, Louis and Bebe Barron, was published in A Café In Space – Volume 10 by American publisher, Sky Blue Press.