Film Music and Sound

Catshow (2010) – Directed by Danielle Downey
An Animation about about a cat’s determination to win a Cat Show….

Freddie (2010) – Directed by Eva Andzi-Quainoo
An Animation film about Freddie the Frog finding his feet in the world……

Through The Middle (2010) – Directed by Simon Lane
I wrote the music for this observational documentary, following the slow decline of an ageing barber and his business.
Through The Middle

Tunnel Vision (2010) – Directed by Dean G Moore
I worked with Film Director Dean Moore on this 20 minute film about a day of the London Underground. The brief here was to compose a score in the minimalist style as composed for the film Koyaanasqatsi – Life Out of Balance (1987) -Directed by Francis Ford Coppola.

Leon Greenman (2011) Directed by Sam Campbell
At the beginning of 2011, I worked closely with director Sam Campbell to produce the music and sound design for this film about a Holocaust survivor, Leon Greenman. This film is due to be shown nationwide in Jewish schools on Holocaust Memorial Day on the 18th of April 2012. The closing theme here is intended to be reflective, yet haunting.

Size Zero (2011) Directed by Joao Monteiro
Runner up in the Disposable Film Festival under Health Category – San Francisco.
I wrote the music and sound design for this film about the rate of obesity among men and women.

Etiquette for the Becoming Lady  (2011) – Directed by Danielle Downey
I wrote the music and recorded the narration for this story of manners in polite society.

Peace For One Day (2011) – Directed by Joao Monteiro
Sound Design and music for this film

Heygate Lost (2011) – Directed by Sam Campbell
Sound design for a film about the proposed demolition of a block of council flats in SE London and its affect on the community.

The Ritual (2011) – Directed by Roman Kim
Music and sound design for this mystical film about Shamanism

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